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8th International Symposium on Plant Senescence
shinyoung ShinYoung Corporation
Name Yu jeong, Choi
Tel +82-2-575-7476
Mobile +82-10-6266-1557
E-mail syc@sycos.co.kr www.sycos.co.kr
ShinYoung Corporation Co., Ltd was established in 2000.
ShinYoung is the exclusive representative of STARLAB GmbH and Panreac Applichem GmbH of Germany.
<Supplying products and service>
1. Reagent, chemical and excipients for Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, Biology
2. Consumable and instruments for laboratory (Pipette, Filter tip, Tip, Tube, Plate, Gloves for loabortory etc)
3. All brand pipette’ s repair and calibration service
ibs Institute for Basic Science
Name Doochul Kim
Tel +82-42-878-8114
E-mail webmaster@ibs.re.kr www.ibs.re.kr
Institute for Basic Science(IBS) is The Institute for Basic Science (IBS)
pursues excellence in basic science research. The goal of IBS is to advance the frontiers of knowledge and to train the leading scientists of tomorrow.
Name Han wook, Cha
Tel +82-53-752-0454/0450
E-mail greenics@naver.com
GREENICS, Was founded in 1983 and has grown with its partner companies, Heinz Walz GmbH and PreciPoint Microscope. During the last 32 years, we have focused on supplying and servicing Laboratory Analytical Systems to various industries and educational organizations for the purpose of research, test and QA/QC.
newbiology DGIST, Department of New Biology
E-mail newbiology@dgist.ac.kr
The department of New Biology aims to generate the world-best creative knowledge, technology, science, culure, and talents to pave the way for new civilizations through the realization of the New Biology based on holistic convergence education and research.
cosmo Cosmo Genetech Co., LTD.
Name Hyun deok, Choi
Tel +82-2-921-7307
E-mail choihd@cosmogenetech.com
Cosmo Genetech was established aimed for providing best customer services, especially molecular biology, development of new products for genetic engineering and relevant research. furthermore, We Cosmo Genetech will consistently supports all of the scientific and technical research for a field of biotechnology in 21C.
Journal Journal of Experimental Botany
Name David Mansley
Tel (+44) 1524 592715
E-mail d.mansley@lancaster.ac.uk
The Journal of Experimental Botany (JXB) is a top-ranking plant science journal published by Oxford University Press. Our aim is to publish papers that advance understanding of plant biology. We welcome manuscripts that provide new information on fundamental processes or mechanisms including those underpinning the improvement of plants for the sustainable production of food, fuel and renewable materials. JXB focuses in particular on the following areas: growth and development, cell biology, metabolism, plant-environment, and crop molecular genetics.
yeunwoo Yeunwoo Scientific Co. LTD
Name Jeong ho, Seo
Tel +82-53-381-8991
Mobile +82-10-4536-1900
E-mail labmate@hanmail.net koreapsi.com
For more than twenty years the PSI team of skilled employees have been integrating extensive expertise in optics, electronics and software to develop innovative, ever-broadening range of high-end scientific instruments. We are happy to announce that in 2014 PSI celebrated 20th anniversary of being successfully in business!
koencon KOENCON
Name Myeong Gu, Jung
Tel +82-31-793-1044
Mobile +82-10-1954-1717
E-mail koencon@hanmail.net
Korea Environmental Control Co., Ltd. Was established in 1991. We have been satisfying various customers like Laboratory, Government offices, University and others.
bullet Sponsorship and Exhibitor Application
8th International Symposium on Plant Senescence 2016 Korea/ Oct 31-Nov 4